New Year

Happy New Year

Hi, my name is Andrew Vu and this is my personal blog. I plan on blogging about my experiences and my journey. It’s been a fun and interesting year for me last year. I had my ups and downs. It was a enjoyable experience for me. I hoping 2018 will be a fresh start for me. I’m enjoying my time and I like blogging. I plan on doing this for most of 2018, just me blogging about my thoughts.



Feeling Well

Feeling Well

I’m feeling well today. I’ve been sleeping well and that’s a positive sign for me. I’m going to be ok. It’s been a few months now since I had that unfortunate incident. But other than that my life has been great. I’ve graduated and possibly looking for some part time work next year. I also plan on being more sociable and going out with friends more often. It’s being going great for me. I’m hoping next year will be even better.

Selling Anything

Online Shopping

I like having a ecommerce store. I can sell anything I like. I like having a thriving ecommerce business. I want to create more digital goodies in the future. Right now, I’m just selling my artwork, short stories and podcast. I currently have 10 products in my store and I plan on having more created. It’s really interesting coming up with products to sell. Anyone can buy my products online. It’s really simple and only 99 cents.

Feeling Good

Good Vibes

I’m feeling good about myself today. It been really fun being here on WordPress blogging about my thoughts online. I enjoy blogging and the benefits its has to offer. I don’t have a lot of swirling thoughts in my brain anymore. I can just enjoy life to the fullest. Blogging is fun for me and I hope to do a lot of it in the future. It’s a good day for me today and I plan on working on my ecommerce website. Andrew’s Diary.Store. This is my personal ecommerce website where I sell anything I think of – mainly digital goodies. Content that I’ve created online. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy New year. Bye.

Andrew’s Diary


This is my brand new ecommerce store. I’ve been working on it for a while. I sell artwork, podcast and short stories. I currently have 10 products on my website and I plan on having more. It’s been a good experience for me working on this new business idea of mine. I hope it becomes a success. I’m selling everything for 0.99 cents. An extremely affordable price for my digital goods.  I enjoy coming up with things to sell. This is a good experience for me and I hope to be making money from this venture. Thanks for listening to my blog post. Good bye for now.

My Mornings

Good Morning

I’ve just woken up after a long nap. I’m feeling pretty good this morning. I normally go to bed early and wake up late. It’s my standard routine. I’m in a good mood right now. It’s still pretty early in Australia at the moment. I enjoy writing in my blog. It’s good fun for me. I plan on writing every day. It’s something I enjoy doing. Writing helps my brain think and I plan on practising every day. I’ve also been mind mapping all my thoughts so that’s good for me. I want to be positive and strong every day. That’s what I like about my life.

My Day

My Day

My day was really good today. I felt really creative and happy at Christmas approaches. I’ve just opened my first ecommerce store and that’s going great for me. I enjoy selling the content I’ve created, I made a few graphic images and short stories already. My short stories are only about 100 words each but its the start of a new journey to something great. I’ve been thinking of positive thoughts lately and that’s been good for my health. In recent weeks, I’ve been mind mapping all my thoughts in order to solve all my problems. It’s been an incredible year for me as 2018 approaches. I’m going to continue with my mind-mapping and note taking. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts as I have enjoyed creating them. Thank you and see you later. Bye for now.

My first Ecommerce store

Dear Diary Cover

Hi loyal subscribers, I’ve just opened up my first ecommerce store called Andrew’s Diary.Store. This store will be a collection of my personal thoughts and what I’m thinking. I will be selling artwork, images, graphics and short stories. I will be making all of these digital goods to sell on my website. Thank you and I hope you will enjoy my content.


I’m Ok

I’m feeling ok today. I went to my local library today to read a few books. I had a fun day today. Its almost getting closer to Christmas and I’m getting excited for it. 2017 was a really interesting year for me. I’m hoping next year will be better for me.